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We are very pleased to offer a bespoke service where we can create a kit from your own personal image or photograph. It could be your pet, favourite scene, TV idol, hobby, family member/s, work of art, or even just your favourite album cover or poster. We are limited only by our imagination!
No payment is required until you are pleased with the bespoke kit, after viewing images of the proposed design via email. There is no obligation to buy. This is a free service.
We will process your request promptly usually within one day of receiving the image (often the same day). The kit will be available the following day. It will include pixel squares, design sheets, picture, instructions and complimentary dove tail clips.
Every kit is priced according to the materials required and so varies from kit to kit. Our personal service ensures all of our kits have sufficient colours to give a high-quality detailed finish.
If you have a stock of unused pixels after completing previous projects, these can be used in conjunction with a new bespoke kit. Just send us a list of the colours of full pixel squares (or equivalent) you have and we will deduct these from those required for your new kit which will reduce the price you have to pay.
Please note, we require a good sharp image to obtain the best results. We are able to help with special requirements e.g. cropping or some airbrushing where necessary.
We usually only deal with images sent via Email or alternatively brought into our shop to be scanned. Please let us know if this causes you any inconvenience.
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